How Do You Turn Off Photostream?

How Do You Turn Off Photostream?

To turn off Photostream on your iOS device, open the Photos options from the Settings menu. Find and tap the My Photo Stream option. Turning off Photostream saves storage space on your iOS device.

  1. Return to the home screen

    Turn on your iOS device. If your device is currently in an application, press the Home button to return to the Home screen.

  2. Open the photo options menu

    Tap the Settings icon, a silver icon with a picture of gears on it. Find and tap the iCloud option, which is located about halfway down the screen. From that menu, tap Photos. A new window with a variety of photo options opens.

  3. Disable Photostream

    To disable Photostream, tap on the green slider located to the right of Photostream. In iOS 8, the option is labeled Upload to My Photo Stream. The option is disabled. Photostream is not the same feature as Photo Sharing, which is used to share and receive photos from trusted sources.

  4. Disable Photostream on your computer

    If you also have Photostream enabled on your computer and not just on your iOS devices, you need to disable the option. Open the iCloud settings on your computer, and uncheck the box next to Photo Stream.