How Do You Turn Off IPod Classic?

Turn off an iPod Classic by depressing the Pause/Play button for several seconds until the device powers down. Verify that the iPod is off by checking the device display. An iPod that is powered off has a blank display and does not wake when the wheel is touched.

  1. Locate the Play/Pause button

    On the iPod Classic, the Play/Pause button is located at the bottom of the wheel. The wheel is the circle located under the iPod's display screen and contains the Menu, Advance, Reverse and Pause/Play buttons. The Pause/Play button is indicated by a triangle beside two vertical lines.

  2. Press and hold the Pause/Play button

    Depress the bottom of the wheel where the Play/Pause button is located with your finger. Hold the button down for several seconds until the display becomes dark. The device is now powered off.

  3. Plug the iPod classic into a power source

    It is recommended that you provide additional power to the device after turning it completely off and prior to powering the device back on. Returning power to a device that has been powered off requires a considerable amount of energy, and providing a power source supports turning the device back on to resume play.