How Do You Turn Off a Firewall?

How Do You Turn Off a Firewall?

To disable the firewall in Windows, open the Control Panel, and select the option to turn off Windows Firewall. Microsoft warns that the Windows firewall should not be turned off if another firewall is not already enabled.

  1. Open the Control Panel

    Access the Control Panel using the Run Dialog box. Open the Run Dialog box by depressing the Windows and R keys on your keyboard simultaneously. The Windows key is located at the lower left of the keyboard and resembles a four-paned window. The Run Dialog box appears on the screen. Type "control" into the dialog box, and press Enter. This opens the Control Panel on your screen.

  2. Open the Windows Firewall setting page

    In the upper-right corner of the Control Panel, type "firewall" into the search box, and press Enter. In the search results, click Windows Firewall to open the firewall settings page. This action opens the Windows Firewall settings in the Control Panel.

  3. Turn off Windows Firewall

    In the firewall settings page, view the navigation options located to the left of the panel. Select Turn Windows Firewall On or Off in the navigation options. This action opens the customized settings page. Select the option to turn off the firewall, and click OK. A pop-up window notifies you that the computer is now unprotected.