How Do You Turn Off a Computer Touchpad?


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Click on the Start button. Search for Device Manager. Select Mice and Other Pointing Devices. The touchpad's name will appear in the drop-down menu. Click on the touchpad. Click on the tab that says Driver. Click on the button that says Disable.

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  1. Click on the Start button

    The Start button is the button with the Windows logo located on the lower-left corner of your computer's screen.

  2. Search for Device Manager

    After clicking on the Start button, there's a small search bar that says "Search programs and files." You're going to search for Device Manager and click on the program once it appears.

  3. Click on Mice and Other Pointing Devices

    With the Device Manager open, look for the option that says "Mice and other pointing devices." Click on that option, and the touchpad will appear below it.

  4. Click on the touchpad

    When you click on the touchpad, a small window will open the touchpad's properties. There will be some small tabs above it named General, Driver, Details and Resources.

  5. Click on the Driver tab

    In the same small window with the touchpad's properties, you will select the Driver tab. From there, you will see a few buttons. Select the button that says "Disable" to turn off your touch pad.

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