How Do You Turn Off Closed Captioning?


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The method for turning off closed captioning differs depending on whether the captions are controlled by a television or by a cable box, but most devices have these settings located in a service menu. In some cases, it may be necessary to restart the device to enter this menu.

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Most modern televisions have an interactive menu system that includes the option to disable closed captioning. This menu is usually accessed with the menu button on the television's remote. Similarly, cable boxes that enable closed captioning usually have this setting located in the system's menu. In some cases, these settings are located in a service menu that is accessed with a special key combination that must be held when the television or cable box is powering up. This combination differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and device to device.

It can be difficult to determine whether a television or an attached cable box is responsible for closed captioning. For standard-definition televisions and cable boxes, it is usually possible to enable or disable closed captioning from either the television itself or from the cable box. However, high-definition televisions often cannot directly receive closed captioning information for HD programming coming from a cable box, so it is necessary to control captioning settings from the cable box. Closed captioning for HD televisions receiving over-the-air programming can be controlled from the television.

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