How Do You Turn Off Apple TV?

How Do You Turn Off Apple TV?

To turn off Apple TV, use the remote control system that comes with the Apple TV or the in-built Remote app. Select Menu on the remote control system or Remote app, then Settings, and click the Sleep Now button. This process takes less than one minute.

  1. Locate the Settings app

    To find the Settings app, select Menu on the Remote app or remote control system, and scroll to the far right section of the screen. Scroll down the options provided under Settings to find the Sleep Now button. Since the Apple TV does not have power buttons, it cannot be powered off completely. Instead, it is switched to sleep mode.

  2. Wait for the Apple TV to switch to sleep mode

    When switching to sleep mode, a progress wheel appears on the screen. At this stage, do not interrupt the process until it is completed successfully.

  3. Confirm if the Apple TV is in sleep mode

    To confirm the process has been successful, check if the front light is off. When the device is off, the white light at the front goes off, including the TV signal. To switch it back on, press any button on the Remote app or remote control system.