How Do You Turn a Laptop Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot?


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Turn your laptop into a hot spot by setting up a computer-to-computer network within the Network and Sharing Center. This network is not permanent and is automatically deleted once all users disconnect from it.

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  1. Free up your wireless card

    Connect your computer directly to the Internet connection, or install an external wireless card. You need at least one open wireless card to which the other devices in the network can connect.

  2. Go to the Network and Sharing Center

    Click the Start menu button, and go to Control Panel. Within Control Panel, search for Network on the search box, and select Network and Sharing Center.

  3. Open the setup wizard

    Select the Set Up a New Connection or Network within the Network and Sharing Center. Select Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) Network from the next set of options. Click the Next button to start the setup wizard. Follow the prompts to finish setting up the connection.

  4. Connect the other devices

    Select your hot spot from the network connection lists on the other network devices. Enter the password if you have chosen to enable password-protected sharing. Other devices on the network are able to get on the Internet via your hot spot until you disconnect from the network.

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