How Do You Turn an IPhone Into a Hotspot?

How Do You Turn an IPhone Into a Hotspot?

Share your iPhone cellular connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices by turning on the Personal Hotspot feature and finding the network name on your connections list on the other devices. Your cellular data plan determines whether you can use your iPhone as a hotspot, which may only be available with an additional monthly fee. Your plan may cap the amount of data you are allowed to use via Personal Hotspot.

  1. Press the Settings icon on your iPhone's home screen

    Look for the cellular option inside the Settings app. Find Personal Hotspot at the bottom of the cellular options list.

  2. Turn the Personal Hotspot slider green

    Tap Personal Hotspot, and find the Personal Hotspot slider. Slide it to the right to turn it green, which means that it is on. The number of users using your hotspot is reflected in your status bar, which is blue while the hotspot is in use.

  3. Connect your other devices

    Hook your other devices to your iPhone hotspot by looking for your hotspot on the device's network connections list. You can connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device through the Wi-Fi hotspot, or you can connect a computer or other Apple device via Bluetooth by going to the Settings icon and selecting Bluetooth from the menu.