How Do You Turn the Bluetooth On?


The steps to turn on Bluetooth depend on the Bluetooth-enabled device and operating system you are using, but generally one should locate the Bluetooth button and click Enable. For Windows 7 computers, locate the Bluetooth button on the Network and Sharing Center and then click the Enable button to activate it.

  1. Locate the Bluetooth function

    Locate the Bluetooth button by clicking on the Start menu, navigate to the Control Panel and click Network and Internet menu. When it opens, click the Network and Sharing Center and choose Change Adapter Settings. When you click on Bluetooth Network Connection, a pop-up menu will appear, revealing an option to enable or disable Bluetooth.

  2. Turn Bluetooth on or off

    Click the Enable button to turn the Bluetooth on or click disable to turn it off. Turn it on only when necessary as activating Bluetooth when it is not in use will drain the battery life of your device and make it "discoverable" to other Bluetooth devices.

  3. Find and connect to a Bluetooth device

    Add a Bluetooth adapter to your computer by plugging the adapter into a USB port; if your computer has a built-in adapter, turn the device on to make it discoverable. Click Bluetooth Devices in the Control Panel and click Search to locate your device. Click on Add a Wireless Device to the Network, select your device from the displayed list, click Add and follow the instructions.