How do you turn on airplane mode on a Pantech cell phone?


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To turn on the airplane mode in a Pantech cell phone, first select the Menu option on the standby screen placed at the lower right corner of the screen. Scroll through the menu options to locate the Settings icon, and then select it.

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Scroll through the various options in the list displayed in the Settings category, and select the More option. Tapping the More option displays the airplane mode. Tap the Airplane mode to turn on the flight mode.

A quicker turning on of the airplane mode is made possible by dragging down the notification bar and tapping on the Airplane Mode. When the service is active, the indicator turns orange. Another method of turning on the airplane or stand-alone mode in a Pantech device is by first pressing and holding down the lock or power button at the side of the cell phone. After pressing the button, the screen displays the phone options. Select the Airplane Mode option from the list.

Selecting the Airplane Mode option activates the flight mode in the device. Turning on the flight mode turns off all the voice and the general packet radio service data capabilities. When in airplane mode the handset is unable to make or receive calls. The screen displays the airplane mode symbol in the notification bar.

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