What Are Some Tumblr Name Ideas?

Tumblr names are usually catchy and personally meaningful. They do not necessarily need to be short, but longer names are hard to find or keep track of. Ideally, try to make the name memorable and keyword-based, especially if the goal of the blog is to attract followers or specialize in niche content. In 2013, the two most viral blogs were named "Reasons My Son is Crying" and "This Charming Charlie."

Tumblr is an image-based blogging platform owned by Yahoo. It is immensely popular, with a built-in audience accessible through tag searches. While providing unique and memorable content attracts followers, a clever and succinct URL makes it easier for followers to find a blog. However, the large amount of users makes it difficult to find a free name. Although it may be tempting, do not copy or mimic another person's name, since that can lead to confusion later.

Once the name is chosen and the blog set up, reach out and connect with other bloggers. Liking and reblogging other people's posts are the easiest ways to attract attention, especially if commentary or GIFs are added after. To customize the Tumblr browsing experience, follow other users and tags so that their posts appear on the Dashboard.