What Are the Most Trusted Health Information Websites?

MedlinePlus and Healthfinder.gov are two of the most trusted health information websites, according to the Federal Trade Commission. HealthCare.gov is trustworthy website that provides information about health care insurance coverage.

MedlinePlus allows visitors to research medical conditions or diseases. This website is easy to navigate and draws information from governmental agencies. Visitors can also look up drugs and supplements. In addition, they can view current health news headlines.

Healthfinder.gov provides trustworthy health information. It draws information from more than 1,600 non-profit and government organizations to deliver up-to-date information. The website also provides a directory of health-related entities and consumer health guides.

HealthCare.gov pulls information from thousands of private health plans. The website’s Insurance Finder feature helps visitors find customized health insurance solutions. The website also provides information about health care resources, including the Affordable Care Act.