What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips for a Computer That Will Not Shut Down?


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If a computer fails to shut down properly, scan the computer for malware infection and disable any software or services that Windows can’t close automatically during the shutdown process. Additionally, disable the auto-protect feature in your antivirus software, and only run scans in Safe Mode to avoid malware interference.

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To enter Safe Mode in Windows 7, tap F8 while the system is booting up. After that, use your antivirus software to run a scan, and remove all detected threats. If that doesn’t solve the problem, close active programs and services individually to isolate the one that’s causing the problem. Right-click on the task bar, select the Start Task Manager option, right-click on any process that’s still active, and select the End Process option. To disable services, press R while holding down the Windows Key, type ”msconfig” in the field, and press Enter. Open the Services tab, right-click on entries that are still running, and select the Stop Service option.

If the problem still persists, resolve the lingering issues via the Control Panel. Click on the Start button, type “performance” in the search field, and click on Performance Information and Tools. Click on the Advanced Tools link, click on the reported problems in the Performance Issues section, and follow the instructions in the dialog box to resolve the problem. If all else fails, try downloading the latest available drivers for the hardware.

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