What Troubleshooting Information Does Roku Offer on Its Website?


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Roku's troubleshooting section offers a resource of FAQ-style troubleshooting articles covering a wide variety of general and account-related topics. The troubleshooting area of the site also includes how-to videos.

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Some general troubleshooting and support topics Roku's site covers are device compatibility, inability to connect the hardware to a wireless network, audio and video output information, and other general questions. Roku also offers tips for improving a Roku player's connection to content servers, wireless network signal strength and the streaming experience in general.

Topics regarding managing a Roku account include password retrieval instructions, account deactivation and closure information, credit policy for billed channels, and store purchase history. The site also hosts articles about adding, updating or removing payment information on an account and about removing Roku players from a specific account.

Roku's how-to videos cover topics such as changing themes, using Roku, troubleshooting wireless network issues and troubleshooting general playback issues. The videos are short, simple instructional videos that show step-by-step navigation through the Roku system as a voice-over explains the steps in detail. The wireless network troubleshooting video walks the viewer through refreshing a wireless connection and dealing with some common network-related errors. The general playback troubleshooting video walks the viewer through a variety of troubleshooting steps, including resetting the router, conducting speed tests and repositioning the Roku player to get a stronger signal.

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