What Troubleshooting Information Does Chevrolet Offer on Its Website?

What Troubleshooting Information Does Chevrolet Offer on Its Website?

Chevrolet offers troubleshooting information for vehicle maintenance, service and safety at Chevrolet.com. The website also offers advice for dealing with general concerns about Chevrolet vehicles and Chevrolet vehicle recalls.

The website Chevrolet.com provides troubleshooting information regarding tire maintenance. Specifically, the website offers recommendations for tire rotation frequency, proper tire inflation and where to purchase new tires. The site also includes information about how to identify when it is time to replace tires and provides instructions for looking at treadwear indicators.

The site provides further troubleshooting advice for dealing with the Check Engine Soon alert, specifically recommending that service should be sought within 600 miles of seeing this message, and how to turn off daytime running lights while parked.

Chevrolet.com includes troubleshooting information about determining which type of oil your vehicle requires and which type of child safety seats should be used in Chevrolet vehicles.

The Chevrolet website includes troubleshooting information for dealing with various general concerns. For example, Chevrolet.com provides directions for contacting roadside assistance. Chevrolet.com also includes information about who to contact with concerns about a vehicle.

Chevrolet.com provides troubleshooting information for dealing with vehicle warranties, including which items are under warranty and how to obtain repairs for those items.

Through the owner website MyChevrolet.com, Chevrolet provides troubleshooting information for determining if a vehicle is subject to any recalls and who to contact with questions about a recall.