How Do You Troubleshoot a Wireless Mouse That's Not Working?


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When experiencing issues with a USB wireless mouse, the first troubleshooting option is to try connecting the mouse to a different computer port. Connect the mouse directly to the computer port bypassing any port intermediaries such as USB hubs or switches.

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How Do You Troubleshoot a Wireless Mouse That's Not Working?
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Test the device at a different location. Testing the mouse in this manner eliminates any issues with the port or intermediary devices and rules out interference with the signal from desktop fans, metallic objects or other sources. Another possible reason for the improper functioning of the mouse is low battery power. Replace the batteries in the mouse and resynchronize it.

If the issue persists, test the mouse on another computer. If the mouse does not work on the other system either, it requires replacement. If the mouse works on a different system and you are using Windows, the next troubleshooting step is to test the mouse using the Mousinfo diagnostic tool. Install the Mousinfo diagnostic tool along with the IntelliPoint software. This software is available at Microsoft.com.

Open the Mousinfo tool and click the mouse buttons to observe whether the software detects the mouse clicks. If the software does not detect the clicks, the mouse is probably defective. The next step is to uninstall any conflicting mouse software present on the system and restart the system. Lastly, remove and reinstall the latest version of the IntelliPoint software and reboot the computer.

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