How Do You Troubleshoot Windows 8 Control Panel Problems?


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Troubleshoot Windows 8 Control Panel problems by using the troubleshooting tools that come as a part of the operating system. Some common Control Panel problems include the panel not opening or displaying a blank window when opened.

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Open your computer in safe mode to determine whether or not a start-up application is causing the issue. To do so, hold down the Windows key and hit R. Type "msconfig" into the text field and hit Enter. Once the System Configuration tool pops up, navigate to the Boot panel and activate Safe Mode by ticking the box next to it. Reboot your system and try to open the Control Panel.

If the Control Panel opens in safe mode, it indicates that a start-up application is interfering with the panel. Open the Task Manager by right clicking on your taskbar and clicking Task Manager. Open the Start-up tab, and disable applications one by one to see which one interferes with the Control Panel. Once you have found out the application that causes the problem, disable it from the Task Manager.

If the Control Panel still does not open or opens with a blank window, use the System File Checker to have Windows scan through system files and repair damaged ones. Press R while holding down the Windows key and type "cmd", then click OK. When the command prompt opens, type "sfc /scannow" to run the System File Checker. Wait for it to scan through your files. The process identifies the damaged control panel files and replaces them automatically.

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