How Do You Troubleshoot Windows 7?

How Do You Troubleshoot Windows 7?

To troubleshoot Windows 7, click Start, go to Control Panel, click Find and fix problems under the System and Security menu, then select the problem you want Windows to troubleshoot. The troubleshooting process takes no more than five minutes.

  1. Open Control Panel to access the troubleshooting menu

    Click Start to open the Windows menu, then click Control Panel on the right side of the menu. Go to System and Security on the Control Panel window, then click Find and Fix problems.

  2. Choose the problem you want Windows to troubleshoot

    Under Troubleshoot computer problems, select the problem you want to troubleshoot on Windows 7. These problems are sub-divided into five categories: Programs, Hardware and Sound, Network and Internet, Appearance and Personalization, and System and Security.

  3. Command the system to troubleshoot the selected problem

    To troubleshoot a problem on Windows 7, choose one problem under the five categories. Click Next on the new window to begin the troubleshooting process. When the process is complete, Windows provides recommendations to help you fix that particular problem. Although this process does not necessarily solve every problem on Windows 7, it helps save time by revealing why some of these problems occur and how to fix them.