How Do You Troubleshoot a Sony Projection Television?

troubleshoot-sony-projection-television Credit: Image Studios/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

The type of troubleshooting administered to a Sony projection television depends on the nature of the problem. When the television does not turn on, check the power cord connections, and confirm whether the main power switch is turned on. In cases of audio or video problems, check high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) plugs to ensure that they are plugged in correctly.

HDMI video output plugs in Sony Projection Television are red, green and blue. Similarly, their respective ports have the same colours. Ensure that each plug goes into its respective port. Audio output plugs are usually red and white. Their corresponding ports have similar colours, thus there should be no confusion of ports and plugs. In cases where there are other devices such as DVD players attached to the set, the correct input method is identified and set from the television’s menu.

Other common problems of Sony projection television include blue discoloration. This is often caused by a degradation of the set’s blue lamp. A technician can help in changing the lamp. It is recommended to seek for assistance from authorized SONY electronics dealers who provide support in repair and maintenance of the set. However, troubleshooting is the first step before contacting the dealer.