How do you troubleshoot problems with Windows 8?


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Troubleshooting problems with Windows 8 is made possible with the built-in troubleshooter, which helps find and fix software, hardware, network, system and process issues. The troubleshooter can be launched by pressing the Windows key + C, and typing "troubleshooting" into the Search box.

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The troubleshooter allows you to see, at a glance, the different possible programs, devices and features for which problems can be resolved. Double-clicking on a specific troubleshooter launches a dialog that attempts to find problems within the troubleshooter's domain and resolve them. The optional Advanced section allows you to choose whether to allow the troubleshooter to fix detected issues automatically, or whether to run the troubleshooter as an Administrator.

Running the troubleshooter as an Administrator allows it to delve deeper within the system's architecture to find possible issues. Unless the issue detected is a serious one, the troubleshooter will attempt to fix it automatically. It also provides detailed information about the problem detected, as well as the solution implemented.

For problems with Windows 8 startup, the operating system comes built in with a recovery feature called Automatic Repair. It is automatically launched when Windows 8 fails to start properly, scans settings, configurations and files, and corrects any problems that are detected.

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