How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With the Picture on a Mitsubishi Television?


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Troubleshooting a Mitsubishi TV involves identifying simpler problems, such as a faulty power unit, before addressing more complex problems, such as obstructed ventilation. Indicator LEDs give clues regarding the problem, such as a blinking red LED denoting a faulty power unit.

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One manufacturer-recommended procedure for troubleshooting a faulty power unit is to unplug the unit, wait for 60 seconds and then re-plug the unit.

A solid red LED indicates that the TV lamp has failed to start. The default troubleshooting procedure for this problem is to unplug the TV and wait an hour for the lamp to cool. If this fails to fix the problem, the lamp may require re-seating. To re-seat the lamp, unplug the TV, and unscrew the back of the TV to give access to the faulty lamp. Pull the lamp slightly out of the housing, and slide it back in securely. Replace the screws, and then power on the TV.

Mitsubishi recommends contacting its customer relations number if problems persist. This number is available in the owner’s manual. Mitsubishi recommends having the TV model number, serial number and proof of purchase information ready when calling. As of April 2015, the Mitsubishi customer relations number for the United States is 800-332-2119.

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