How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With a Brother Fax Machine?


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To troubleshoot the problems with a Brother fax machine, check the error message that appears on the display. The error messages clearly specify the problem.

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The ?Insert document again? error message is an indication of the incorrect placement of the documents on the feeder tray. The ?Please supply paper? message indicates the absence of paper in the feeder. The ?Memory overflow? message indicates a halt in recording due to exceeding memory capacity. Press Enter to register the documents and fix the error.

In case of jammed paper in the paper feed, open the turn guide and remove the paper. To remove the paper from the transport unit, open the cover, remove the drum and toner, lift the guide and pull the paper out upwards. To remove the paper from the fixing unit, open the top cover, remove the drum and toner, open the cover of the fixing unit and pull out the paper backwards.

Hazy backgrounds are due to improper positioning of the density control. Adjust the control to fix the problem. A white line through the center of the text can be due to a dirty corona wire, toner or LED head. Patches are due to soiled LED head or a charging corona wire and edge marking is due to ink on the lower and upper paper guide. Clean all components.

Exposing the drum to extreme light causes light and dark areas. A damaged drum or fuser roll causes repetitive soiling. Service the unit in both cases.

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