How Do You Troubleshoot Linksys Wireless Router Problems?


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For most issues with Linksys wireless routers, the recommended action is to power off the router and unplug the power cord, and then power the router back on after 10 seconds. Common issues with Linksys routers include slow download and upload speeds, forgetting wireless settings and difficulties in accessing the setup page.

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For slow download speeds, disable IPv6 settings on your computer. Compatibility issues between IPv4 and IPv6 settings slows down data transfer. To further troubleshoot the problem, hold the Reset button for 10 seconds to reset the router. To address slow upload speeds, change the Quality of Service settings on your router. This gives priority to the most important services and could increase upload speeds.

Incorrect wireless settings cause authentication issues. If you have forgotten the network name or password, enter the default IP address of the router ( on your browser to access the router's setup page and view the settings. The wireless settings are also accessible via the operating system. Open the Network and Sharing Center to view the wireless properties of the network.

Check to see if your computer's firewall blocks access to your router if the setup page is inaccessible. The network connection between your computer and the router could also be down, denying access. Additionally, changes in the router's IP address and password could make the setup page inaccessible.

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