How Do You Troubleshoot an Inkjet Printer?


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Troubleshoot an inkjet printer by checking for common problems such as cable connection problems, clogged ink cartridges, wrong printer drivers and print head obstructions. Start with the simplest options before proceeding to the compound ones.

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If an inkjet printer fails to respond when trying to print, first check to be sure that the printer is turned on, and that all cables are connected properly. Go to the computer’s control panel and check to be sure you have selected the printer as your default printer. Cancel all documents and try to print again. If the printer is connected to the computer by a USB port, try connecting it to other USB ports.

If the printer is not printing what is on the screen, you may have the wrong printer driver installed. Download and install the newest printer driver, and restart the computer and printer. If the content is missing on the right half of the page, check if there is something obstructing the movement of the print head. If it is a new printer, make sure that you have removed all safety tapes properly.

If an inkjet printer is printing out blank pages, there might be no ink cartridge or the ink cartridge might be exhausted. If there is no ink cartridge, install a new ink cartridge and print a test page. If the cartridge is exhausted, add the recommended ink. Contact an inkjet printer professional for assistance, if the above repair methods do not remedy the issue.

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