How Do You Troubleshoot Your Dish Network System Before Calling for Service?

How Do You Troubleshoot Your Dish Network System Before Calling for Service?

To troubleshoot your Dish Network system before calling for service, inspect the satellite dish, reset the receiver, check the connections and determine if additional action is needed. Troubleshooting can be finished within 15 minutes, but certain problems require contacting Dish Network.

  1. Check the satellite dish

    Common problems include the cables of the satellite dish coming loose or an obstruction blocking its signal. Carefully clear away any possible obstructions, such as branches, snow build-up or vegetation. Secure any loose cables. Make sure the satellite dish isn't damaged. If it is, a new satellite dish is necessary.

  2. Reset the receiver

    Unplug the receiver, wait 10 seconds, and plug it in again. The reset process takes up to five minutes.

  3. Fix any faulty connections

    Make sure that the connections between the receiver, any additional devices, and the wall outlet are configured correctly. Tighten any loose connections.

  4. Diagnose additional problems

    Consult your owner's manual, or use Dish Network's online technical support. Find the specific problem with your system. and follow the troubleshooting steps provided. Go to channel 101. If it has a picture, the signal is fine and Dish Network must send a reauthorization signal, which requires calling the company. Reauthorization signals are often required when the receiver has been unplugged for over a month.