How Do You Troubleshoot Computer Speakers?


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There are several ways to troubleshoot computer speakers, including checking basic audio connections and settings, testing the speakers with another device and using an audio diagnostic tool. If the computer speakers are wireless, the issue may be the result of low battery charge or a poor Bluetooth connection.

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The first step to take in troubleshooting computer speakers is to ensure they are properly connected to the audio output on your computer or the sound card if they are internal speakers. Ensure the volume of the computer isn't on mute or turned down to an inaudible level. Also, check that the program producing the sound is producing volume at an audible level.

If the speakers are still not working, connect them to another computer or audio device to verify they are working. If there is no sound when the speakers are connected to another device, they may have to be physically repaired or replaced. If the speakers are internal and can't be connected to another device, run an audio diagnostic test, such as the one found on the official Microsoft website.

If the speakers that require troubleshooting are wireless, try changing the batteries as they may be running low. Make sure that the speakers are within the correct Bluetooth range of the computer and that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices.

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