How Do You Troubleshoot a Brother Printer?


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To troubleshoot a Brother printer, fix blockages, delete queued print jobs, start the computer again, update the printer's drivers, and unplug and restart the printer. Also, disable the advanced printing feature, replace the color ink, print a job as a PDF document and reset the printer after a toner replacement.

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If the Brother printer prints only one document even when more are asked for, click on Printers in Control Panel. Then, right click on the printer symbol, and choose Properties. Click on the Advanced tab under this, and disable the advanced printing feature.

If the printer does not print even in white and black, replace the color ink so that it is full. If the printer does not print text and logos simultaneously, print the job as a PDF document or use the As Character setting for printing images. If the printer defaults to fax instead of printing a document, right click on Printer in Control Panel to make printing the default task. To reset the printer after replacing its toner, press Clear/Back in Control Panel while simultaneously opening the printer cover.

If the Brother printer does not print even when it has toner, cover the sensor or the eye of the printer located at the bottom with a bit of tape. Alternatively, delete the printer in the printer panel, and add it again using the Add Printer Wizard. To update printer drivers, right click on Printer, select Properties and then select Update Driver.

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