How Do You Troubleshoot a Broadband Internet Connection?


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To troubleshoot a broadband Internet connection, first make sure that each cable is plugged in securely. If that does not fix the problem, remove the power and Ethernet cables from your modem and router. Wait for several minutes before plugging the cables in again.

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  1. Check for obvious problems

    Look at each connection point of your network setup. Check to see if each cable is plugged in securely by grasping the end of each cable and pushing inward. If your modem or router has a power button, make sure that it is in the On position.

  2. Power cycle your equipment

    Unplug each cable from your modem and router. Wait for three minutes, and then plug in your modem cables. Wait until each light is illuminated, and plug in your router cables. Test your connection by loading a website.

  3. Upgrade your system drivers

    If your connection still isn't working, open your router or modem management screen by typing its IP address into a Web browser. On the main screen, look for a page entitled Drivers or Software Updates or Firmware Updates. Follow the prompts to update your system. On your computer, launch the Software Update dialog. Download and install any updates to ensure that your system is working smoothly.

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