How Do You Troubleshoot the "app Error 523" on a Blackberry Curve 8530?

Remove the battery from your Blackberry Curve 8350 if you are having issues with an "app error 523" message appearing on the screen. Once you remove the battery, reinsert it. Then, upgrade the device's software. This should help remedy the error message on subsequent uses of the phone.

  1. Reset the phone

    Remove the battery from the rear of your BlackBerry Curve 8350 to reset the device. After removing the battery cover and the battery itself, wait a few seconds before reinserting the battery and the battery cover. This resets the phone.

  2. Turn the phone on

    Press the power button on the phone to turn it back on. This may fix the problem completely. If the "app error 523" message appears again, continue with the next steps.

  3. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer

    Insert your BlackBerry's USB cable into the phone. Then, insert the other end into a USB port of the computer that you use to sync your BlackBerry.

  4. Update the software

    Double-click Application in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Click Start when the Update Software screen prompts you. Follow the directions to update your phone with new software. Do not remove the cord until a message that reads "The loading operation was successful" appears.

  5. Remove the cord

    Remove the cord from your phone. The error message should no longer appear.