How Do You Translate RGB to Pantone?

How Do You Translate RGB to Pantone? and Ginifab offer free tools to convert RGB color values into Pantone colors. Both tools are available online and can be used within Internet browsers.

The RGB color system stores color information in the form of red, green and blue color values. This is due to the way computer monitors work, as of 2015. Each pixel displays a certain color as a mixture of red, green and blue light.

Pantone is a color matching system that helps designers ensure that their designs look the same on different forms of printed media. A design may look very different when printed on various types of paper, especially when compared to the colors on a computer monitor. Pantone color codes take this into consideration and indicate the paper type in color codes. Designers can determine the paper type that the color is supposed to be printed on by looking at the letter following a Pantone color code. C stands for coated, U for uncoated and M for matte.

There are 16,777,216 RGB and 2,058 Pantone colors. Therefore, Pantone colors cannot cover the entire RGB palette on a one-to-one basis. When converting RGB color data into Pantone, the converting tools try to match the closest Pantone color and may return multiple results. Designers must choose the color that best suits their needs and the form of publication.