How Do You Transfer Pictures From a Cell Phone to a Computer?


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The most common methods for transferring pictures from a cellphone to a computer are by direct connection, through a backup service or with the use of a microSD card. Methods available depend on the type of cellphone being used.

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To use the direct connection method, connect the cell phone to a computer with the USB cable that came with the phone. Most operating systems recognize the phone immediately as a remote storage device and open a prompt window with options for importing files. Select Open Folder to view files. Select the photos to and move them to a folder on the computer.

To use a backup service, you need an account with the service of choice. When you log into the backup account, the option to back pictures up should be available. Once the photos have been backed up, a notice appears on the phone indicating the process is complete. Log into the backup account through an Internet browser on the computer to access the pictures.

To use a microSD card for transferring pictures, the computer must be equipped with a microSD card reader. After inserting the microSD card into the phone and moving picture files to the card, remove the card from the phone, and insert it into the microSD card reader connected to the computer. Double click on drive name of the microSD card to view and transfer the pictures.

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