How Do I Transfer Music to an SD Card From a Laptop?

Music may be transferred from a desktop or laptop computer to an SD card provided the computer is equipped with or connected to an SD card reader. Once the music files have been saved on an SD card, they can be read and played by an Android device such as a phone.

The SD card itself must be physically removed from the Android device and then properly inserted into the SD card reader, where Windows 7 will detect it and assign a drive to it. The remaining steps are simple and logical.

  1. Locate the music tracks you wish to transfer by opening File Manager.
  2. Create a file for the tracks on your SD card by accessing the drive as assigned by Windows. An existing drive may also be used.
  3. The music files may be copied and pasted or dragged and dropped into the file.
  4. Remove the SD card from the computer and insert it back into the Android device.