How Do You Transfer Music From ITunes to Android?

To transfer music from your iTunes library onto your Android device, plug your device into your computer. Open the receiving folder on your Android device and the iTunes library folder. Drag music from your iTunes folder into your Android device folder.

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer

    Using a USB cable, connect your Android to your computer. If prompted, select Media Sync from the pop-up menu.

  2. Find and open your device's music folder

    Open the File Explorer on your computer. Under the menu labeled This PC, find and click the Android device folder.

  3. Find your iTunes folder

    Open a new Finder window by clicking File and then New. Click on the Music folder, and navigate to the folder labeled iTunes.

  4. Choose the music you wish to transfer

    View all of the music in your iTunes library. The music is divided and categorized by artist. Find the artist, album or song you wish to transfer.

  5. Transfer the music

    With both Finder windows open, click and select the music from your iTunes music library, and drag the music into the Android folder. Alternatively, if you want to transfer your entire library, click CTRL and A to select all folders in your iTunes library. Drag the entire library into your Android folder to complete the migration.