How Do You Transfer Music From an IPod to a Mac?


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Connect the iPod to your Mac using a syncing cable and copy the files to a folder on the desktop. You only need an iPod, a Mac and an iPod-syncing cable to get started.

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  1. Disable iTunes syncing

    Press and hold the "Command" and "Option" keys while plugging in your iPod. Do not release the keys until the iTunes console displays your iPod as an attached device.

  2. View hidden folders

    Launch the Mac Terminal from the Applications, Utilities list. Type "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE", and press the "Return" key. Next, type "killall Finder", and press the "Return" key. This step ensures you see all hidden music files on the iPod. Replace "True" with "False" if you want to hide these folders.

  3. Locate the music files

    Double-click the iPod icon on your desktop; you can also click the iPod name in the Finder window. Open the iPod Control folder, and then open the Music folder.

  4. Copy the chosen music files

    Minimize any open windows, and right-click a blank area on your desktop. Select New Folder from the pop-up menu. Type "Recovered Files" as the new name and drag the Music folder from your iPod to the new folder on the desktop.

  5. Add the music files to iTunes

    Open iTunes Preferences, and select the Advanced tab. Check the option to keep the iTunes Music folder organized. In addition, check the option to copy files to the iTunes Music folder when adding to the library. Click OK. Next, select Add to Library, and navigate to the recovered music files. Click Open.

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