How Do You Transfer Music From an IPod to ITunes?

Select the Transfer Purchases option within the Devices menu to transfer music purchased from the iTunes store from an iPod to iTunes. To transfer imported audio from CDs or MP3s from other sources, download and install Houdini on a Mac to reveal hidden files. Select the files, and transfer them to your Mac.

  1. Authorize your computer

    Make sure your computer is authorized with the same Apple ID account you used to purchase your media. Open iTunes, and click Store. Select Authorize This Computer. If you used different accounts to purchase media, you need to authorize the computer for each purchase.

  2. Connect your iPod

    Connect your iPod to your Mac using a USB or FireWire cable. Wait a few moments for iTunes to recognize and list your device.

  3. Transfer your purchased music

    Click File, and select Devices. Choose Transfer Purchases, and select your device. This method only works for songs you have purchased from the iTunes Store.

  4. Transfer your hidden music

    Download and install Houdini on your Mac. Open Houdini, and click Folders. Next, select Reveal, and locate your iPod. Open iPod_Controls, and highlight Music. Press Choose. In your iPod folder, open iPod_Controls, and highlight Music. Select all the files you want to transfer, and drag and drop them into a folder on your Mac.