How Do You Transfer Music From an IPod to a Computer?


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Transferring music from an iPod to a computer is accomplished by connecting your iPod to your computer via a USB and opening iTunes. Transferring music files from an iPod to a computer requires iTunes 7 or any subsequent version of iTunes.

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Before transferring your music, make sure your iPod is properly configured to enable disk use. To do this, open iTunes and connect your iPod via the USB port. Select your iPod under the Devices section in iTunes to display your preferences. Click the Summary tab within the main iTunes window and click the Manually Manage Music check box. Click the Apply box in the bottom right to enable disk use and permit manual transfers between your devices.

To manage your transfer, open the iPod preference menu by clicking the Edit menu in Windows, or the iTunes menu in OS X, and click Preferences. Click Advanced and review the location of your media folder. Click Consolidate to copy your music to another location on your computer.

To copy your music files to a new computer, locate your music folder, which is stored under Music Folder on Apple devices and My Music Folder on Windows devices. Drag and place the folder in your desktop and locate your iPod. Double-click the iPod icon and drag the folder to move your music to your iPod. Open iTunes after copying your music files and allow the devices to sync. Your music automatically appears in iTunes; however, only files you purchased in the app store are available for transfer.

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