How Do You Transfer Music From Cassette to MP3?


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To transfer music from a cassette to a CD, connect your tape deck to your computer. Then, create a new recording track on an audio recording software program, play your tape, and export the file as an MP3.

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  1. Buy a cassette player

    Buy a tape deck that has a USB or RCA output port. Purchase an older model at a thrift store or a newer model from an electronics retailer. Newer models offer better sound on your converted digital file.

  2. Connect the cassette player to your computer

    Buy a cable that connects your tape deck to your computer. For older models, look for a cable with an RCA output and a standard stereo input. If you are using a newer model, use a standard USB cable. Connect an audio output cable to your computer cables with a Y-adapter or a USB audio input adapter, if necessary.

  3. Choose recording software

    Download or purchase recording software that is compatible with your computer system. Choose a free version, such as Audacity. Alternatively, you can use the software that comes built-in to your system, such as Garage Band or Windows Movie Maker.

  4. Record the cassette tracks

    With your tape deck connected, create a new recording track in your chosen software program. Hit the Play button on your cassette player and do a test recording. Listen to it and adjust the volume and software recording levels as needed. Create a new track, set it to record, and play the entire cassette. Repeat on the other side. Export the file in MP3 format.

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