How Do You Transfer Files to a Flash Drive?

Copying and pasting and dragging and dropping are two simple methods of transferring files to or from a flash drive or other type of removable disk. Additional methods include using the Send To function and using keyboard shortcuts to move data.

For any method, first insert the flash drive into a USB port and make sure the computer recognizes the drive. Usually, a pop-up window announces the recognition of a new drive. If no notification comes up, navigate to the computer's list of folders to see if the flash drive appears.

To use the copy and paste method, open the folder containing the files you wish to transfer. Whether these files are images, text documents, videos or other data, the transfer functions the same way. Right-click on the files and select Copy from the pop-up menu that appears. Next, navigate to the flash drive folder and right-click inside the window. This time, select Paste from the pop-up window; the files should now be available on the flash drive on any machine or device with a USB port.

To use the drag and drop method, left-click on the files you wish to move but do not release the mouse button. Drag the files to the USB folder, then release the button.