How Do You Transfer Files From a CD to a USB Drive?


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To transfer files from a CD to a USB drive, insert the CD into the CD or DVD-ROM drive, and click Open Folder to View Files from the pop-up window to view the contents of the CD. In the CD window, select all files and copy. Insert the USB drive into an open USB port, click Open Folder to View Files, select a specific destination, paste the files, and then wait for the progress indicator to reach 100 percent.

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To transfer a specific file from a CD to a USB drive, highlight the specific file with your mouse, press the right button of the mouse, and then click Copy from the shortcut menu. To transfer multiple files but not all, highlight one of the files, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and then click on any other file you want to transfer. Copy the files, and paste them into the desired destination on the USB drive window.

Alternatively, to copy and paste using the keyboard, open the CD window, click on any file, and press the Ctrl and C buttons simultaneously to copy. Open the USB drive window, select the desired destination, and then press and hold the Ctrl and V keys simultaneously to paste.

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