How Do You Transfer Files Between an Android Phone and a Computer?


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To transfer files between a computer and an Android phone, connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable, and drag and drop the files through the File Transfer window. Alternatively, use a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, or a wireless transfer app, such as AirDrop.

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How Do You Transfer Files Between an Android Phone and a Computer?
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Before connecting the phone to the computer, unlock the phone screen, and set the USB connection to Media Device. To do this, tap the Settings icon, tap Device, and then tap Storage. Tap the Menu icon, select the MTP option in the USB Computer Connection section, and restart the device. Once the connection is established, open the internal storage directory on the phone via Windows Explorer, and transfer the files by dragging them to or from that directory.

To transfer files through a cloud storage service, upload the files you wish to transfer to Google Drive, or move them to the cloud storage folder on your computer, access the service on your phone via the Google Drive app, and download the files. To transfer files wirelessly, start the AirDrop app on your phone, type the IP address from the app in the address bar of a Web browser on your computer, and enter the password that the app displays. Click on the Files icon, and use the Export and Import options in the File Manager window to transfer the files to the computer or the phone, respectively.

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