How Do You Transfer Data From PC to PC?


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You can transfer data from one PC to another very easily with the help of a USB flash drive. Another option is to transfer data via an external hard drive.

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If there are only a few files in particular that you want to transfer, you can use a flash drive to transfer the data. Plug the flash drive into the USB port on the computer with the data on it, and wait for the computer to recognize the drive. Drag and drop files from your computer onto the flash drive. After all the files you want are transferred to the flash drive, plug the drive into the other computer, and drag and drop the files from the flash drive onto the second computer's desktop.

If you have a large amount of data to transfer, using an external hard drive with a USB connection is more practical. The process for transferring data is the same as when using a USB flash drive. The main difference between the two devices is that an external hard drive usually stores much more data.

If you want to transfer a large amount of files of a certain type, such as JPEG or DOC file types, you can automatically back up all files of that particular type onto an external hard drive. For example, in Windows Vista, click on Control Panel. Next, click System and Maintenance, then click Backup and Restore Center. Afterward, click Back Up Files, and select where you want the files backed up. Finally, click Next, and select the type of files you want backed up.

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