How Do You Transfer Contacts From One Cell Phone to Another?

How Do You Transfer Contacts From One Cell Phone to Another?

The method used to transfer contacts from one cell phone to another depends on the type of phone, and the provider. The process takes up to a few minutes and involves downloading and then uploading contacts onto a sim card.

Download contacts from the phone to the sim card, and upload them to the new phone. The settings menu of most phones contains the option to save contacts to the sim card. Bluetooth makes it possible to wirelessly connect cell phones via the Send Name Card option, which facilitates the transfer of individual contacts between paired devices.

Cell phone vendors that provide direct transfer services can use cables to connect two phones and share contacts between them. Individuals can also purchase these cables and use them at home.

Cell phone owners can use backup applications to save contacts on the computer and then transfer them to the desired device. Some phones come with pre-installed backup programs, which are also available for purchase. Free and premium online tools also help in synchronizing contacts and backing them up on email. These tools work with most cell phone types.

It is also possible to manually transfer the contacts to a new phone by keying them one by one. This method ensures that only important contacts are assigned.