How Do You Transfer Contacts From a Micro SD Card to an Android Phone?

Google saves all contacts on Android phones automatically to the associated Google account. If for some reason the numbers did not save, they can be imported by finding and selecting "import" in the contact application.

Google does most of the work with keeping contacts synced. When changing from a non-Android phone to an Android, the process is simple to import contacts using an SD card.

Step 1: Place the Micro SD in the phone

Locate the Micro SD slot and add the card. Make sure it is fully in place.

Step 2: Find the contacts application on the Android

Find and open the application holding all of the contact information.

Step 3: Choose contacts to import

Press display and choose the contacts to be imported.

Step 4: Import contacts

Hit the menu button and click "import." The contacts are now added to the Android.