How Do I Transfer Camcorder Tapes to a Computer?

Connect the camcorder to a computer and open a video capture program. Download the selected video clips and save them to the hard drive.

  1. Connect the camcorder to the computer

    Most newer camcorders come with cords to make this step easy. For an older device, you might need to connect the camcorder to a separate device, which then connects to the computer. Typically, these cameras and devices connect through a USB port, so be sure there is an open port on the computer.

  2. Open a media program

    There are multiple programs that capture still or video photography. One might even have come with the camcorder. Find one that is easy to use for your purposes. The more expensive and complicated programs allow users to do more with video images once they are on the computer.

  3. Connect to the camera and view the video clips

    Most video programs let the user view the videos from the camera in slow motion and select the clips to save.

  4. Select the desired clips

    Whether it's a whole video tape or SD card or parts of a longer video segment, select the desired video and save it onto the hard drive. Once there, the video can be manipulated, stored and shared.

  5. Back up your data

    Always back up still and video photography on a computer before erasing it from the camera. Losing priceless photographs is heartbreaking for everyone.