How Do You Track a Sprint Phone?

How Do You Track a Sprint Phone?

Sprint offers its Sprint Family Locator service allowing users to track family members as well as users from separate plans for a fee added to the customers monthly payments. The Sprint Family Locator is available through Sprint's website.

The Sprint Family Locator offers access to real-time interactive satellite maps with street names and landmarks. Users can opt for a 15-day free trial of Sprint's Family Locator via Sprint's website. After the 15-day trial period, users have a monthly cost of $5.99 added to their phone bills.

Sprint Family Locator offers Safety Checks that allow users to set up scheduled check-ins on family members with notifications pushed back via text message or email.

If the user has an eligible smart phone, the Sprint Family Locator app can be downloaded allowing tracking of family members through a mobile device. Sprint allows its customers to sign up for the Sprint Family Locator without opting for a more expensive data plan as well.The Sprint Family Locator plan is available to any Sprint and Nextel phones.

Alternatives to the Sprint Family Locator plan include Find My iPhone, a program created by Apple that allows its users to track stolen or lost iPhones through Apple's iCloud website.