How Do You Track a Rebate Through MetroPCS?

Track a rebate through MetroPCS by visiting the company's online Rebate Center and using its free tracking tool. Aside from tracking rebates, shoppers can also find rebates, submit rebates and check rebate balances at the MetroPCS Rebate Center.

MetroPCS offers consumers a wide selection of mobile device plans for the various smartphone and tablet brands that it carries. Individuals who purchase MetroPCS products or avail of the company's services may receive rebates and other special offers from MetroPCS. As of 2015, the Rebate Center provides three options for tracking rebates: by phone number and ZIP or postal code, by tracking number or by contact information.

To track MetroPCS rebates by phone number and ZIP or postal code, follow the instructions provided below.

  1. Navigate to the MetroPCS website
  2. Open an Internet browser and go to the MetroPCS website. Scroll down the home page and click on the Rebate Center link under the Manage & Pay header.

  3. Access the tracking tool
  4. Click on the Track Your Rebate link located on the left panel of the page.

  5. Provide information
  6. Input the phone number and ZIP or postal code in the associated text field. Click the Check Status button to complete the process.

When tracking by contact information, users must indicate their first name initial, last name, street address and ZIP or postal code. Additionally, individuals can call or email the MetroPCS Rebate Customer Service for further inquiries.