How Do You Track a Child's Location by Cell Number?


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MobileLocate is a service that allows people to track cell phones using a phone number. This service has a free trial that requires the creation of a username and password. The user then selects the type of location service they want.

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How Do You Track a Child's Location by Cell Number?
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MobileLocate has a variety of tracking plans available and gives several mapping options ranging from satellite mapping to high-resolution graphics. Once the phone number has been entered, the owner of the phone must respond to a text message sent by the company confirming permission to track. Then the phone can be located by logging onto MobileLocate's web platform. Multiple phone numbers may be tracked by a single MobileLocate account. Supported phone plans in the United States include Sprint, ATT, TracFone and T-Mobile. In Canada, Rogers and Telus are able to be tracked.

There are other ways to track a phone, however. Anti theft apps such as Prey can be downloaded to the phone and allow it to be tracked from a computer. Prey is a free service and works with all major smartphones. Other options such as AccuTracking can be used to track a cell phone's location using its built-in GPS. This is useful if the phone is not a smart phone, and plans cost around $6 a month.

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