How Do You Track a Cell Phone From Another Cell Phone?


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Phone Tracking apps, such as Find My Android Phone, GPS Phone Tracker Pro and Connect, can be used to track a cellphone using another cellphone. Tracking mechanisms vary from active GPS, to cellular network triangulation, to passive location data acquisition.

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Connect enables users to locate their spouses, children and friends by collecting the metadata information available across multiple social media platforms, such as Google Contacts, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. By gathering and cross-referencing the post data of friends and family on these numerous platforms, Connect is able to give an accurate estimate of the locations of friends and family. Because it uses existing social media data from established contacts, Connect requires no validation from the person being tracked.

Find my Friends offers similar features to Connect, in addition to a live location map for each person being tracked. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and syncs automatically with phone contacts the first time it is activated, enabling users to start tracking contacts without having the add them individually.

Trick or Tracker must be installed on phones being tracked, but offers more security and control than Connect or Find my Friends. Using this application, phones can be configured to passively send geolocation data every 15 minutes. The application can be used to track up to seven phones simultaneously.

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