How Do You Track a Cell Phone on the Web?


Tracking a cell phone on the Web is possible through installing open-source tracker and anti-theft applications. These applications are often free to install and work with specific phones and usage plans. Once installed, most of the apps allow users to trace the location of a phone via geo-tagging or by displaying the real-time location of the phone on Google maps.

Most open-source applications can be installed in smart phones and computers. Downloading the application is easy, and one only needs to sync the device to the service to enable the tracking app. When the phone goes missing, the user only needs to find a computer or any device that can access a browser, log into the account and start locating the misplaced or missing phone.

Non-smartphone users have the option to register to a GPS tracking service. Mobile phone carriers permit registered cell phone users to track cell phones in their plan. Some tracking services send updates to the user as a reminder that tracking is taking place. Third-party GPS tracking services use the phone's built-in GPS to trace the location of the phone. Just like with the free-to-install tracker apps, the user can access the service's web interface to get the location of the lost phone, provided the device is not yet dead and is connected online.