How Do You Get Free Tracfone Minutes?

To get free Tracfone minutes, find Tracfone airtime codes. Tracfone airtime codes are five-digit codes that usually provide 50 to 300 talk time minutes at no cost.

The easiest way to get Tracfone airtime codes is when signing up for a new phone, since there are numerous TracFone promotions out there. The company uses the promotions to attract customers into the company’s contract-free calling tariff.

Existing customers can find the airtime codes at a number of online sites to use to add extra minutes to their phones. To receive free minutes, enter the bonus codes together with the 15-digit PIN number from the back of an airtime card. It is advisable to get a few airtime codes because some don’t work. Remember to check whether the codes are still valid since the airtime codes expire.

Some of the websites to search free Tracfone codes include Retail Me Not, and Save on Prepaid Phones. Retail Me Not regularly updates its list of current Tracfone airtime codes and gives information on the codes that work best. The homepage of also lists numerous free minute offers. Save on Prepaid Phones on the other hand lists various bonus coupon codes for Tracfones and posts the success rates of various codes.

The federal Lifeline program provides telephone access to Americans who would otherwise lack a phone. It is intended for people who do not earn enough money to easily pay for phone service. Tracfone is one of several phone companies that offer free phones and a limited number of free monthly minutes through the Lifeline program.

To sign up for free monthly minutes via Tracfone's SafeLink Wireless, you must already qualify for government assistance programs, such as Medicaid or SNAP. Eligibility requirements differ from state to state, but generally an income limit prevents people who are not in poverty from joining. A prospective user can join via the SafeLink website by entering information about his location and income.

Joining SafeLink is best done directly on Tracfone's website. In states such as Oregon, criminals masquerading as recruiters have been swindling people out of personally identifiable information by posing as SafeLink representatives. Lifeline and SafeLink do not advertise on online bulletin boards such as Craigslist, nor do they cold-call people seeking new members.